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NO MOre Fear Of Missing Out


Welcome to NOMO FOMO

Welcome to the NOMO FOMO project. What is the NOMO FOMO project? NOMO FOMO – Positive Mental Health for GEN Z – NO MOre Fear of Missing Out is an innovative project that addresses a need for intervention in the positive mental health and wellbeing of young people. This project contextualises the need for the promotion of positive mental health among Generation Z, and identifies the many stressors imposed on today’s young digital natives.

In today’s world, technology and social media has become a constant in the lives of Generation Z. It is important now more than ever, to address the impact and consequences of this round-the-clock presence for young people. NOMO FOMO addresses this in the hope to allow young people to be aware of how digital media can play an important role in identity building. This project provides a toolkit of interactive learning resources to address the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – of being unpopular, uninteresting, unattractive, unworthy, unfriendly, unkind, uncaring that young people experience throughout the “distorted realities” that are displayed on social media.

About us

The Partnership

NOMO FOMO has been funded with the support of the Erasmus+ Programme. The NOMO FOMO project commenced in February 2021 and will run until January 2023. NOMO FOMO is currently being delivered by a team of seven organisations from Ireland, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Portugal, and Spain.


 Future in Perspective Ltd. is a private company based in the border region of Ireland specialising in the areas of education and e-learning, media production, strategic planning and business development and evaluation. Through our work on national and EU funded projects, we have engaged and supported local youth groups, migrant communities, older persons, and individuals who have been absent from education to re-engage with service providers and mainstream education and training offerings. FIP also have collaborated with young people and adults to deliver a range of diverse programmes in the areas of media production and career management – supporting the next generation of creative individuals to build and sustain successful careers in the sector. Future in Perspective is a modern business that is structured to reflect the current business reality. It operates in an ecosystem made up of ever-changing partnerships and alliances. FIP have a core staff of 12 highly skilled experts in complementary disciplines that include project management, media production and design, instructional design and e-learning, youth development and research and general administration.


Skills Elevation FHB, Germany, was established in 2019 by a range of educators, environmentalists, and academics, with the aim of providing alternative educational methodologies. FHB work extensively to provide support and education for marginalised groups, especially with regards to their social, emotional, and cognitive developments. FHB have three main areas of focus; the development of new pedagogic approaches, the development of training materials for marginalised adults and conducting research into social psychology, business, and education


Social Youth Development K.A.NE., is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2008 in Greece. K.A.NE. are active in the fields of education, youth, social inclusion, vocational training, and culture. The mission of this organisation is to combat social exclusion by fostering youth motivation for active citizenship. Through the implementation of workshops, training programmes, information seminars and educational activities, K.A.NE prioritise the need for the integration of all members of society and advocate for the promotion and development of lifelong learning. This organisation has extensive experience in supporting young people and contributing to inclusive projects that promote equality, personal development, and social cohesion.


The objective of Solution: Solidarity & Inclusion is to boost social inclusion among younger adults by proposing several kinds of activities allowing to foster mutual acceptance, stimulate human interests by offering cross-cutting activities, design educational programs to open minds and strengthen fair dynamics between generations. Solution operates in a multicultural and socially complex environment: in the east of Paris, there are more than 70 different ethnic communities whose younger adults may face economic difficulties, as well as social and labour exclusion. Such groups are often excluded from extra scholar offers, which may help them to acquire new skills enabling a better integration into society. Solution’s mission is to propose to these people non-formal education activities bringing together different publics and stimulating, this way, intercultural and intergenerational dialogue while promoting the acquisition of soft and hard skills useful for professional and social purposes. On the European level, Solution aims at multiplying the number of exchanges and partnerships with competent organizations expert in the field of youth education to offer youth with fewer opportunities the possibility to participate in international educational workshops in the framework of the Erasmus+ program where to acquire new skills useful for their social and labour inclusion and where to exchange their ideas with people from other countries.

Embaixada da Juventude

Embaixada de Juventude (EJ), Portugal was established in 2015 and plays a central role in the field of social inclusion. This not-for-profit youth organisation promotes the fundamental need for young people to develop necessary competences to enhance employability and transition to the labour market. EJ focuses primarily on social entrepreneurship, project management and active citizenship and prioritises the need for youth intervention to help young people realise their full potential and actively contribute to society., EJ act in finding ways to support not only young people, but communities as a whole. Through a range of initiatives, they play an active role in supporting communities by providing support on social inclusion, lifelong learning, rural development, gender equality, youth empowerment, multiculturalism, and the arts.


Osrodek Szkoleniowo-Badawczy INNEO (The Centre for Training and Research INNEO) is a Polish organisation. INNEO focuses on social and economic development through the fields of research, computer service training, leadership, the labour market, project management, media production and entrepreneurship. INNEO’s primary objective is to provide training and research on both local and international levels. This organisation creates learning materials, training courses and mentoring systems in order to promote young people’s integration into the labour market by increasing their competences and fighting against unemployment. INNEO is passionate about creative and innovative models of education provision to encourage learning and opportunities within the labour market.

The Center for Training and Research INNEO is an association based in Rzeszów (Poland). It was established in 2011 to provide training for young people, mainly within the framework of the Human Capital Program. After two years of working at the local level and developing a network of contacts, the members of INNEO decided to develop EU projects. The association is currently involved in many Erasmus + projects, mainly in the fields of entrepreneurship, computer service, education, and creative industry. INNEO staff have extensive experience in training, research, dissemination activities, project management and administration.


BACKSLASH is an NGO in Valencia, Spain and was established in 2014. BACKSLASH’s primary objective is to empower youth and promote social inclusion through assisting young people in developing key skills and competencies. This organisation prioritises the need for the sustainable development of local communities and believe that individual empowerment through education, training, human rights, democratic values, and international cooperation can achieve this. BACKSLASH actively contribute to the growing needs of young people in today’s world and understand that career orientation, entrepreneurship and social inclusion are fundamental in the personal development of young people. On a European level, this organisation provide innovative approaches that look to rethink youth policies.

Learning Materials

The NOMO FOMO project – Positive Mental Health for Gen Z – NO MOre Fear of Missing Out addresses the needs of young people today and aims to promote an accessible learning approach that promotes positive mental health. To achieve these objectives, the NOMO FOMO partners are collaborating together throughout the term of the project to produce the following innovative learning materials: The project offers a range of interactive infographics, training programmes and a MOOC. This equips youth workers, peer leaders and young people with the necessary skills and competences to understand the impact of FOMO and social media in today’s world.

NOMO FOMO Toolkit of Interactive Infographic Resources

The NOMO FOMO project addresses the concept of FOMO and promotes positive mental health through a range of interactive infographics. Interactive infographics are graphic posters that are interactive! By this we mean that these posters contain QR codes and links, to bring young people, youth workers and peer leaders to a series of educational videos, exercises, games, and quizzes, that help them to raise their awareness on the impact of social media in their lives to promote positive mental health.

NOMO FOMO In-Service Training Programme

This comprehensive training programme supports front-line youth workers to work in online environments and utilise the resources presented in the interactive infographics. This helps youth-workers to build their skills in unpacking the concept of “FOMO” and understand how to encourage young people to get involved in the NOMO FOMO educational resources. This training also helps youth workers to develop their digital skills and adapt their facilitation skills and youth group activities to include the use of the Interactive Infographics and the NOMO FOMO online tools.

Peer Leadership Training Programme

The peer leadership programme builds leaders engaged in challenging online and social media environments. This programme works directly with young people to empower them to become peer leaders in promoting positive mental health. It provides them with innovative interactive materials in the real and virtual world. The NOMO FOMO interactive infographics can extend their knowledge on key themes and therefore support peer leaders to help their peers to deal with the different elements of FOMO and their mental health.

Smartfeed Training Programme

This training programme equips youth workers and young people with an array of resources to support them to become active users of social media, rather than passive and selective users. Through a series of video tutorials, tips sheets and podcasts, youth workers and young people will understand how to positively navigate technology even with its associated risks. The purpose of this training is to support young people with tips and resources that will help them to take control over their social media lives and identities.

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